Would you beleive it ?

If I tell you that you are white elephant with a dear’s head , would you beleive it? You will simply laugh and brush it off with an answer” you are just kidding .” Likewise  , it should not offend you when someone hoards on several mistakes on you , you should just neglect them . Instead we take them into our heart and feel for those words. For instance , if someone says that you are dishonest , lazy, stupid and inferior , you tend to get distraught. If you are good ,caring ,loving , honest, patient and kind , then why those observations of others will let affect you ?

               Perhaps somewhere down you feel there is a possibility of truth in it. If not , you would just laugh in their face and say ,” That’s what you think me . Then you are terribly wrong . I sympathise you.” You need to be sure of your own self and not get carried away by other’s comments. Don’t be affected by what others say and think about you. 

    However if you have a very little doubt about yourself , you need to work on it . View yourself as third person and try to figure out your false actions and attitudes. So, if you are bothered about being perceived differently from whom you beleive you are , you need to look at the mirror and make a hard decision as to what needs correction. This needs a whole lot of courage , because none of us want to beleive we are wrong . 

          Work on your strengths  and get away with your weaknesses. It is often easier to point fingers at others and circumstances as the culprit . But try and remove your faults from your life because it’s worth it . The resulting image you look in the mirror would be awesome and you will love what you see.

      Friends ., I am trying this on wordpress and so made it shorter to look at the responses and then think about continuation. Will talk about the points spoken above in detail another time in a separate  post . Hope you enjoyed it .